Asphalt Paving AfterCare - The Do's and Don'ts, paving contractor philadelphiaAsphalt pavements are considered tough, strong, and long-lived. Crocodiles are also considered to have these same three traits. However, at the outset, both asphalt pavements and crocodiles are much weaker and more fragile. Asphalt paving companies typically provide a list of do’s and don’ts when they build or resurface a pavement. The general categories involve delaying certain actions, keeping a watchful eye on your new pavement, giving your new pavement proper maintenance, and being gentle with the fresh paving.

Asphalt Paving Aftercare – The Do’s and Don’ts

What Actions Do Paving Companies Ask Customers to Delay After Installing a New Asphalt Pavement?

First of all, you should delay opening a new pavement for the time recommended by the paving company that handled your job. Asphalt companies typically recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before you permit vehicles to use a new pavement; in some cases, the recommended wait can be as long as 72 hours. Second, do not call a parking lot maintenance company for immediate sealcoating. Asphalt companies usually recommend delaying sealcoating for at least three months, but you should have your new pavement sealed within its first year.

What Do Asphalt Paving Contractors Mean When They Advise Being Gentle With a New Pavement?

While your asphalt pavement is curing, it will be a bit more tender than it will be after it has a few years under its belt. Hard braking, turning the steering wheel with the engine off, and peeling out can have a detrimental effect on a new pavement. The same is true for leaving vehicles or other heavy weights in the same place for more than three or four days. Although you never want to subject your pavement to more numerous or heavier vehicles than it was engineered to support, you want to be especially diligent about monitoring traffic volume and weight on new asphalt paving.

When Asphalt Paving Companies Advise Customers to Provide Proper Maintenance, What Do They Mean?

Once you have waited the time specified by your paving company, be sure to call a parking lot maintenance contractor to sealcoat your pavement. Promptly remove any automotive fluids that have leaked onto your pavement, especially since your pavement will have no protection against them until after it is sealed. After sealcoating, you will have a little more time to remove these fluids. You also want to keep your pavement free from debris, gravel, vegetation, and dirt.

What Do Asphalt Companies Mean When They Recommend Keeping an Eye on a New Pavement?

Watch out for any signs that your asphalt paving company made an error when installing your new pavement. Installation errors can manifest as rutting, shoving, slippage, and other distortions. Reputable paving contractors stand behind their work, so call your paving company if you suspect a problem with the installation. However, if you find small cracks or holes, the problem may lie with the treatment your pavement received after installation. If this is the case, you may need to call a parking lot maintenance specialist to take care of the problem.

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