Asphalt Paving or Sealcoating -What is the most cost-effective? asphalt paving bensalemThere is no doubt that you made a cost-effective decision when you chose to construct an asphalt pavement. Your new pavement cost much less than a concrete pavement of a similar nature, and you were able to begin using your pavement much sooner. Over time, however, you have come to realize that your pavement needs a little attention. You may be trying to decide between asphalt paving and asphalt sealing. Both are cost-effective solutions, but you will need to choose the right procedure to address the issues you are having with your particular pavement.

Asphalt Paving or Sealcoating – What Is the Most Cost-Effective?

When Is Asphalt Sealcoating a Cost-Effective Solution?

Periodic applications of a quality asphalt sealant should be incorporated in your pavement maintenance plan. Normally, an asphalt paving company will advise customers to seal their new pavements no more than 12 months after construction. Depending on traffic, new applications are usually needed every two to four years. Asphalt sealing is an economical procedure that can frequently help pavements last twice as long as those that are never sealed. Furthermore, sealants help reduce the likelihood of major repairs, increasing the procedure’s cost-effectiveness. However, you need to keep in mind that it is an asphalt maintenance procedure that cannot repair damage that has already occurred. About the most that a sealant can do in the way of repairs is to cover minute cracks or flaws that are at the very top of the pavement’s surface.

When Is Asphalt Paving a Cost-Effective Solution?

An asphalt paving company can address damage that the pavement has already suffered. Alligatored asphalt and potholes can be repaired with a paving technique known as patching. Sometimes, patching will require the removal of all layers of the asphalt so that the base layers can be repaired, but the depth of the removal will depend on how far the damage extends into the structure. Another cost-effective paving solution is an asphalt overlay, which is sometimes called asphalt resurfacing. This procedure typically involves milling the existing asphalt surface to remove one to two inches of the pavement. New asphalt is then installed and compacted. An asphalt overlay costs much less than a reconstruction, but it will have an almost identical life and appearance. An asphalt overlay can be a very cost-effective solution to delay a reconstruction by many years, rectify certain pavement distresses, or rejuvenate an aging, often-repaired pavement that has lost its aesthetic appeal.

What Else Should I Know About Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating?

There is a certain cycle of life that connects the two procedures. You construct a new asphalt pavement, sealcoat it periodically, and use paving techniques to make certain repairs. When necessary, you install an asphalt overlay, sealcoat it periodically, and use paving techniques to make certain repairs. The cycle can be repeated many times over many decades if you are proactive about your pavement maintenance. An effective asphalt maintenance plan that includes crack repairs, sealcoating, routine cleanings, and pothole repairs can help protect the pavement’s supporting foundation. As long as the foundation remains stable and strong, you will typically be able to choose cost-effective solutions that can help you postpone a total reconstruction of your pavement almost indefinitely.

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