How to Construct an Effective Parking Lot Design

An effective parking lot design is critical if you want to ensure the satisfaction of your visitors. An effective design will maximize the number of parking stalls you can provide, help ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians throughout the lot, and incorporate lighting, landscaping, and other

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Parking Lot Striping

The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping | Philadelphia, PA

When asked, many local property managers rate parking lot sealcoating Philadelphia pavements as the best, most economical method of prolonging the life of their pavements. If combined with professional crack and pothole repair, sealcoating can often double the useful life of an asphalt pavement. However, if you are not restriping

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Asphalt Maintenance

How Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Can Save You Money

When it comes to tearing out and replacing an asphalt parking lot, Philadelphia has plenty of contractors who could complete such a high-dollar project. However, as most of them would tell you, the main reason that customers are faced with a complete reconstruction of an asphalt pavement that is less

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Asphalt Potholes

When Is the Asphalt Sealcoating Season?

Sealcoating is an extremely effective way to protect asphalt pavement and simultaneously enhance its appearance. This economical treatment can help prevent damage from automotive fluids, UV rays, and deicing agents, and it will also give the pavement a smoother appearance and restore the dark color that the pavement had when

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