Can You Stripe Parking Lots in the Winter? parking lot striping philadelphiaA parking lot can be either the company’s crowning glory or its worst nightmare for a commercial property. An unsafe, unsightly parking lot can drive away business, create potential liabilities for the company, and generate a negative perception of the business in the minds of everyone who sees it. If the striping and pavement markings are also neglected, the parking lot can become a confusing environment for drivers and pedestrians alike. As the weather turns cold, many property managers ask parking lot maintenance companies whether it is too late to have their lots striped and marked. Between late November and early March, a contractor might make it possible to stripe and mark a parking lot, but it is more probable that the weather will not be cooperative.

Can You Stripe Parking Lots in the Winter?

Why Does the Weather Matter for Parking Lot Striping?

There are several types of paints that parking lot maintenance companies can use for striping and marking, but most of them cannot be applied unless the ambient temperature is around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this temperature is not always a consistent target. An asphalt pavement that is new enough to still have its deep, dark color, for example, may allow the paint to be applied at slightly cooler temperatures. The contractor must also consider the wind chill, the humidity, and the surface temperature, and any of these factors can prevent striping even if the absolute ambient temperature is acceptable. The pavement needs to be completely dry, so a recent storm could leave behind enough moisture to make it impossible to apply asphalt striping and marking. Even thermoplastic striping products must be applied under similar conditions. However, if all other requirements are met, your contractor may be able to apply preformed thermoplastic markings.

What Else Might a Contractor Evaluate Before Applying Pavement Markings and Stripes?

The scope of the work will be an essential consideration. For example, if you also need parking lot sealcoating, the job will take longer, and the weather forecast may not provide an adequate window to complete all tasks. It may also be impossible for the contractor to complete the striping if you have a considerable parking lot that must be striped in sections to minimize the disruptions to your tenants, customers, or employees.

Simply stated, only your contractor can determine the feasibility of striping and marking your parking lot in the winter. C&C Super Seal is a Bensalem based asphalt paving contractor, we will never attempt to perform any procedure unless we know that the results will be durable and attractive. Our goal is to consistently deliver exceptional quality that will provide the customer with true value. We have an impeccable reputation, charge reasonable prices, and are deeply committed to customer service. We offer a wide range of services, including thermoplastic markings and striping, lot striping and marking, sealcoating, asphalt paving, snow removal, and pavement repairs. If you are interested in obtaining a free quote, you can call 287-223-9906, send an email to, or submit our online form.