How Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Can Save You Money, asphalt sealcoating philadelphia

When it comes to tearing out and replacing an asphalt parking lot, Philadelphia has plenty of contractors who could complete such a high-dollar project. However, as most of them would tell you, the main reason that customers are faced with a complete reconstruction of an asphalt pavement that is less than 20 years old is that they did not make sure that the pavement received the attention it needed for a long life. A professionally executed program of timely repairs and preventive maintenance can save your business a great deal of money over the life of your pavement. It can also reduce the amount of time that your customers or tenants will be inconvenienced by construction, make your property safer, and reduce your potential liabilities if an accident or injury occurs on your property.

How Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Can Save You Money

What Should a Parking Lot Maintenance Plan Include?

If you have recently had a new parking lot built, your paving contractor should have provided you with a recommended schedule for your preventive maintenance. If your pavement is older, your first step should be to call a reputable contractor to assess your pavement’s current condition and recommend an appropriate schedule. Because every pavement is unique, the procedures you need and their timing may not be identical to the following list, but here are the basic procedures that most pavements will require.

1. A careful inspection of your pavement should be performed at least annually; every six months is better. If the inspection finds a problem indicating that an asphalt repair is needed, the repair should be scheduled as quickly as possible.
2. Sooner or later, all asphalt pavement will develop cracks. Cracks allow water to percolate down to the pavement’s supporting foundation. The foundation becomes destabilized and loses strength, setting off a chain reaction that can destroy the entire pavement if left unchecked, especially when the trapped water freezes and thaws repeatedly. Crackfilling is an important part of an effective asphalt maintenance plan. Depending on the age of your pavement, its usage, and its overall condition, your paving contractor may recommend repairing significant cracks in the spring and again in the fall, but he could also advise that you only need to repair cracks every 18 months or so.
3. One of the most cost-effective ways to protect your asphalt pavement is through a professional application of a high-quality sealant by a reputable asphalt sealcoating contractor. Sealcoating is economical, but it is highly effective at preventing damage from the sun, oil and other automotive fluids, and deicing agents. Your sealcoating contractor can advise on the proper schedule for your specific pavement, but sealants generally need to be applied every two years to deliver the best protection.

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