Do You Trust Your Asphalt Paving Company? Asphalt paving is the most popular choice for parking lots, airport runways, roadways of all types, and many other residential and commercial paving projects. Asphalt pavement is visually appealing, safe, and fast, and economical to construct and maintain. However, many people do not realize how important it is to hire a reputable, honest contractor for their paving project. They may not know how to tell whether a contractor they are considering deserves their trust. If you ask potential contractors a few questions, their responses can help you evaluate their trustworthiness.

Do You Trust Your Asphalt Paving Company?

What Questions Should I Ask an Asphalt Paving Contractor?

When vetting contractors, the goal is to determine each contractor’s experience, skills, and resources. Each of these categories can contain subcategories that can provide insights to help you decide whether or not you should trust the contractor. Your questions’ exact phrasing will depend on the scope of your project, the type of pavement you need, and any special features that your project must include.

How Do I Evaluate a Paving Contractor’s Experience?

Start by asking potential contractors how long they have been in the paving industry. Follow this question by asking how long the company has been in business under its current name. It would be best if you also asked how much experience the contractor has with projects similar in size, complexity, and scope to the one you need. For example, suppose you need to construct a parking lot for a large shopping center. In that case, you probably should find a contractor who has much more experience than performing asphalt crack sealing on a few suburban driveways. Conduct your reference checks or online searches to verify as many of the contractor’s answers as possible.

How Do I Evaluate a Paving Contractor’s Skills?

There are two sets of skills that you want to evaluate for every contractor. Technical skills are those that are involved in designing and executing a project. Excellent sources of information on those skills can be your conversations with the contractor’s previous customers or third-party websites that rank and review contractors. The second set of skills you need to evaluate will be the contractor’s ability and willingness to communicate with you. Contractors who brush aside your questions, resort to incomprehensible jargon, or take an excessive amount of time to respond to your calls or emails before signing a contract are not likely to keep you updated after you sign.

How Do I Evaluate a Paving Contractor’s Resources?

Resources include staffing, equipment, insurance, and access to materials. Ask whether contractors will use company employees, temporary help, or subcontractors to work on your project. Ask whether the contractor has a sufficient number of qualified employees to handle your project, and ask how much experience and training they have. Ask whether the contractor owns the necessary equipment or plans to rent it; renting can sometimes lead to delays if the equipment is unavailable or poorly maintained. Ask for proof of valid workers’ comp, general liability, and vehicle insurance. Lastly, look for signs that the contractor might have problems accessing the materials needed for your project. If a contractor asks you to pay for your entire project in advance, this could be a warning sign that the company is financially unstable and might fail before your project is completed. However, keep in mind that you might be asked to front the costs of unusual materials that the contractor could not resell if you change your mind. For example, if you request a custom paint color so that your pavement striping matches the purple in your company logo, a request to cover all or part of the paint costs in advance could be legitimate.

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