5 Things You Didn't Know About Commercial Asphalt Paving, bensalem, asphalt paving Most people agree that new asphalt pavement is aesthetically appealing. It has a smooth surface and a luxurious color, and it provides a unique background for pavement markings and stripes. However, to paraphrase an old saying, the beauty of asphalt pavement is more than surface deep. There are several things that commercial paving contractors know about asphalt that you may never have heard.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Commercial Asphalt Paving

Did You Know That Asphalt Is the Leading Paving Choice in the United States?

Asphalt paving can be found on 97% of the roadways in America. Busy interstates, main thoroughfares in major cities, rural roads, and city streets across the nation with a combined annual traffic volume over 200 million vehicles are asphalt. Asphalt runways are also found in 85% of the nation’s airports and 90% of all parking lots in the country.

Did You Know That Asphalt Pavement Is Kind to the Environment?

Asphalt pavement can be completely recycled, and up to 80 million tons of it is reclaimed and reused every year. More tons of asphalt pavement are recycled annually than the next four recycled materials combined. Furthermore, asphalt will not pollute the water table or soil.

Did You Know That an Asphalt Pavement Is a Great Value?

An asphalt pavement costs up to half as much as a comparable concrete pavement. The savings can be especially significant if your paving company is constructing a large pavement for you. Furthermore, your savings do not end with the initial construction. If you need a parking lot repair, your expenses will be extremely economical if you have asphalt pavement. Routine parking lot maintenance is also quite economical, and with proper care, your asphalt pavement can deliver decades of beautiful service. Some asphalt highways have lasted more than 40 years with no more than minor repairs and routine maintenance.

Did You Know That Asphalt Has Been Used as a Paving Material for Centuries?

Asphalt roads began appearing in Scotland, France, and England several decades before they debuted in America during the last half of the 19th century. However, asphalt pavements go back at least 2,600 years, with the earliest ones on record built by the Babylonians. In Peru, the Incas paved roads with asphalt more than 500 years ago.

Did You Know That the Cheapest Paving Company May Actually Be the Costliest Choice?

Whether you are building a parking lot, a subdivision, or a street, the paving contractor must be honest, experienced, and skilled. He must have reliable equipment and well-trained employees. Otherwise, you could end up with a pavement that will fail prematurely. Asphalt pavements that are improperly installed will need to be repaired sooner and more frequently, and the repairs will likely be substantially more expensive. It is also quite probable that you will need to have your pavement rebuilt long before reaching its full life expectancy.

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