How to Construct an Effective Parking Lot Design, lot striping Bensalem, PAAn effective parking lot design is critical if you want to ensure the satisfaction of your visitors. An effective design will maximize the number of parking stalls you can provide, help ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians throughout the lot, and incorporate lighting, landscaping, and other elements. When you have your pavement striping and marking performed, you might want to consider asking your contractor for suggestions on ways to improve your parking lot by altering its design. Before offering suggestions, your contractor will likely ask you a few questions.

How to Construct an Effective Parking Lot Design

How Is Your Parking Lot Used?

Traffic volume and vehicle weights are both important, but one factor that is sometimes overlooked is the average time that vehicles remain parked. For example, employees tend to remain parked for up to eight or nine hours, customers at a convenience store may come and go in five minutes or less, and shoppers at a supermarket may spend an hour or two. The reason that this factor matters has to do with the best parking angle for your specific needs. Setting the parking angle at 90 degrees lets you fit more parking spaces in your lot, but it makes it more difficult for drivers to enter and exit the spaces. Therefore, this angle is not ideal for lots where vehicles stay parked for only a brief time. Furthermore, angled parking spaces can allow shoppers more room for maneuvering their carts while loading their purchases.

Are There Areas That Require an Unusual Number of Asphalt Repairs?

Isolated areas that need frequent repairs can sometimes indicate a problem with traffic control. For example, if all traffic is being routed down a single aisle upon entering your lot, establishing a feeder aisle to allow traffic to flow down multiple aisles might help alleviate the problem. Excessive wear near the intersection of two aisles could indicate that many vehicles are braking hard at that point, so a stop sign might help with that problem. Poor drainage could also be contributing to excessive repairs in particular areas.

What Is the Nature of Your Business?

Most of the time, your asphalt maintenance contractor knows this from the name of your business or the appearance of your building. After all, it is not difficult for a contractor asked to provide a quote for parking lot sealcoating to notice whether the site is a hospital, restaurant, hotel, or grocery store. However, occasionally, the type of business you operate is not obvious. There are a handful of businesses that have slight differences under the Americans with Disabilities Act involving the number of accessible spaces required, and there are some local codes that specify the minimum number of total parking spaces certain businesses must provide.

If You Need a New Parking Lot Design, Call C&C

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