How Philadelphia Hotels Can Benefit From Parking Lot Maintenance If you manage a hotel in the Philadelphia area, you already know that you are in a highly competitive industry in a very competitive market. You make every attempt to ensure that your staff members are well-trained, pleasant, and professional. You periodically inspect your lobby, rooms, and hallways to ensure they are properly maintained, clean, and inviting. However, if you overlook the paving maintenance for your parking lot, you could be driving away guests before they ever register.

How Philadelphia Hotels Can Benefit From Parking Lot Maintenance

Why Is the Condition of a Hotel’s Parking Lot Important?

Whether they are traveling for personal or business reasons, your guests can be weary, hungry, and grumpy when they arrive at your property, so they may not be in the best of moods when they enter your lobby. If they have driven over a pothole in your parking lot, had difficulty getting their luggage to roll smoothly over your pavement, or tripped and fallen between your door and their car, the experience may leave them actively looking for other ways that your property does not meet their expectations. They can become the nightmare guests who are impossible to please and who leave unjustly critical reviews online. However, even if they have little or no difficulty traversing your poorly maintained parking lot, they may still go on a fault-finding expedition, assuming that your exterior maintenance must surely reflect the quality, cleanliness, and comfort of your interior spaces. In an industry where perceptions are critical, you want to project the right image from the moment your guests drive onto your property, and that starts with your parking lot.

How Can Hotels Ensure Their Parking Lots Make a Good First Impression?

Philadelphia paving takes a beating from nature. The freeze/thaw cycle, exposure to UV rays, and the need to apply chemicals to melt ice can lead to cracks, potholes, or other damage. To rectify existing issues, be vigilant about your paving repairs; ignoring the damage will only allow it to worsen and spawn new problems. As your parking lot ages, you might benefit from having an asphalt overlay installed. Asphalt overlays provide the functionality and appearance of a new pavement, but they are much cheaper than having the old pavement removed and rebuilt. To help prevent damage, have a reputable paving company implement a routine paving maintenance program.

What Should a Pavement Maintenance Program for Hotel Parking Lots Include?

A preventive maintenance program for hotel parking lots should always include sealcoating to block UV rays, protect the pavement against oil and other petrochemicals, and provide a dark, smooth canvas for pavement markings. Many sealcoating contractors also offer crack repairs and parking lot striping, so you may be able to save a little money by obtaining all of these services from the same source. Have your parking lot swept periodically to remove dirt and debris, and keep your lot’s drains and gutters clean so that water can flow freely from your pavement. Inspect your traffic signs at least once each year so that you can replace or repair any that are damaged or faded. Ask your contractor to apply fresh stripes and markings as needed, which is typically every 18 to 24 months.

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