How To Create a Safe Parking Lot LayoutEarly parking lots tended to be anything but safe. In many cases, they were nothing more than a patch of grass beside a building. Over the years, professionals began exploring ways to enhance parking lot safety. One fact that quickly became obvious was that safety begins with the parking lot layout. If you want to enhance safety, you need to observe what is happening in your lot, enlist a reputable professional to help, and repeat the first two steps as needed.

How To Create a Safe Parking Lot Layout

What Are Some Things I Need to Observe to Create a Safe Parking Lot Layout?

First, you need to observe the behavior of drivers and pedestrians in your parking lot. Do pedestrians seem confused about the route to take? Are drivers going the wrong way to park easily at the angle defined for the traffic aisle? Do you notice an increase in the number of vehicles parking in no-parking zones, taking up more than one space, or braking suddenly to avoid collisions? Are there congested areas that you cannot easily explain?

Next, you need to observe the condition of the various features that lie within your parking lot. Are your painted stripes and road markings clean, vibrant, and undamaged? Are there ghost markings that could be confusing drivers? Do you have the right parking lot signs posted in the proper locations, and are they and their posts undamaged?

The final step is to observe the pavement itself. Is your parking lot sealcoating intact, or has it flaked off or cracked? Does your asphalt paving show signs of damage, including polished aggregate, alligator cracking, ruts, potholes, or significant cracks? Do you detect any areas of ponding or other drainage issues?

Who Are the Professionals Offering Assistance for Creating a Safe Parking Lot Layout?

Depending on the issues you observed, you may find that a reputable pavement striping contractor can give you all the assistance you need. They are experts in creating a parking lot design that ensures a safe, orderly flow of traffic through your lot. They know what the regulations are for accessible parking lots, including the mandatory parking lot signs, and they also know how to create a layout that will provide the maximum number of parking spaces within your boundaries. They also know whether you are required to have special pavement, curb, or road markings. Although many striping contractors also apply parking lot sealcoating, repair cracks, and install parking lot signs, not all of them offer asphalt paving, thermoplastic striping, or pothole repairs.

How Often Should I Repeat the First Two Steps to Maintain a Safe Parking Lot?

Observing your parking lot is an ongoing process that has no specific timetable. Take a quick look every time that you enter or exit your parking lot. Every few months, take a slow walk around your property to spot potential issues. Ask your employees or tenants to report any problems that they might notice in your parking lot.

The timing of the professional services you may need will depend on factors that are unique to your parking lot. On average, parking lots in the Philadelphia area need to have painted markings and stripes refreshed about every two years. If you feel that your painted markings are not lasting as you would like, you might want to consider thermoplastic markings and striping. Although the initial expense will be greater, thermoplastics have significantly longer lives than paints, so the long-term costs can actually be less. Parking lot sealcoating normally needs to be applied about every two years. Cracks, potholes, and drainage issues should be addressed as soon as they manifest. Parking lot signs typically last more than seven years if they are not vandalized or struck by a vehicle.

What Services Does C&C Super Seal Offer?

C&C Super Seal offers all of the essential paving services you need for your parking lot, including asphalt paving, thermoplastic markings, commercial sealcoating, pothole and crack repair, line striping, parking lot bollards, and snow removal. We can help you design an ADA-compliant, safe, efficient parking lot, then we can execute the design. We have an exemplary reputation for delivering superior work at competitive rates. Contact us for a free quote by filling out the online form, emailing, or calling 267-223-9906.