The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping | Philadelphia, PAWhen asked, many local property managers rate parking lot sealcoating Philadelphia pavements as the best, most economical method of prolonging the life of their pavements. If combined with professional crack and pothole repair, sealcoating can often double the useful life of an asphalt pavement. However, if you are not restriping your parking lot after sealcoating or resurfacing it, you could be missing out on some important benefits.

The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping | Philadelphia, PA

1. Whether you choose traditional paint or thermoplastic striping, a well-striped and professionally marked parking lot boosts your property’s visual appeal. Crisp, visible markings create an image of cleanliness, order, and attention to detail. A fresh application of asphalt sealcoating can enhance the appearance of markings, so many parking lot striping contractors also offer sealcoating and crack repair services.
2. Professional asphalt striping can enable you to accommodate more vehicles in your parking lot. Professional striping contractors know how the parking angle, required number of accessible spaces, and traffic aisles can affect the number of spaces that your lot can hold. They know how to design a layout that will offer the greatest number of properly sized parking stalls, and they also know how to ensure that your lot remains compliant with all laws on accessible parking.
3. A well-designed, properly marked parking lot is a safer environment. When drivers and pedestrians have clear directions, there will be fewer accidents, door dings will be reduced, and congestion in high-traffic areas will be mitigated.
4. You may reduce your chances of becoming a defendant in a lawsuit if your parking lot markings and signs are sufficient. For example, if two vehicles collide at intersecting traffic aisles, the question of fault could come into play. If you have no markings or signs indicating which driver had the right of way, it is conceivable that one or both drivers could assert that you did not provide your invited guests with a safe environment.

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