How to Plan for Your Next Asphalt Paving Project, bensalem asphalt paving Asphalt paving projects can be economical, fast, and uncomplicated, but the opposite can also be true. Regardless of your paving project’s scope and complexity, you can help ensure successful results by working closely with your Philadelphia paving company representative. The steps include conducting your own pavement assessment, communicating effectively with your contractor, and choosing the right contractor for your project.

How to Plan for Your Next Asphalt Paving Project

How Do I Assess My Pavement to Determine the Asphalt Paving Services I Need?

Although only a competent commercial paving contractor can provide you with a thorough assessment, there are some problems that you can detect on your own. Your assessment can give you a starting point for discussing your contractor’s issues and creating a realistic budget. During your assessment, look for apparent damage, including alligatored asphalt, potholes, significant cracks, areas of unusual wear, and signs of rutting, shoving, or raveling. Check the color of your asphalt pavement; faded color can often be restored through a procedure known as parking lot sealcoating. Make notes about the condition of your signs, parking stall striping, wheel stops, and pavement markings.

How Do I Communicate Effectively With My Asphalt Paving Contractor?

When you ask an asphalt paving company to inspect your pavement and submit a quote, try to be available to accompany the contractor during the assessment. Ask your contractor about any pavement issues that concern you, including drainage problems and oil stains. Be honest with your contractor about your expectations for the project. For example, if you need to have the work completed by a certain date or during certain hours, let your contractor know before preparing your quote. Ask your contractor to explain all available options instead of assuming that you already know the best choice. Be sure to ask about any tasks you will need to handle, including issuing notices to your employees or tenants, removing pallets or other objects stored on your pavement, or trimming nearby grass or shrubs.

How Do I Know That an Asphalt Paving Company Is Right for My Project?

The first clue that you may have found the right company is the patience and respect that the contractor displays. Reputable contractors will be happy to take the time to explain your options and detail the steps involved in each procedure. He will use language that you can understand and explain any terms that you do not know. The second thing you need to determine is the contractor’s experience with projects of a similar scope to yours involving the paving services you will need. The paving company should also willingly provide you with references that you can check, proof of acceptable insurance coverage, and a written, detailed quote. When selecting potential companies, be sure to verify the length of time the company has been in business, its physical address and phone number, its history of complaints with the Better Business Bureau or local licensing board, and its online reputation on sites that review or rate local contractors.

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