Reflective Stakes

Preparing your parking lot for snow removal can greatly help the snow cleanup and salting process. Obstacles that can damage equipment and that can also be damaged in your parking lot should be prepared to still be visible in some way once snow falls and everything is covered in snow. Parts of your parking lot such as speed bumps, curbs, parking stones, fire hydrants, landscaped areas, and gutter downspouts, are a few examples of important parts of your parking lot that should be marked to have some sort of visibility that these obstacles or sensitive areas are there, when there is snow cover.

These areas can not only get damaged by heavy equipment, but they can also damage snow removal equipment. While it’s typically the snow removal contractors responsibility to get a good overview of everything in the parking lot before beginning the process, some last minute calls can leave little to no time to do so. So either going over the layout of the parking lot with your snow removal contractor directly, or marking these ares with flags or reflectors is a great way to help prevent any damage.

Be sure that the flags or reflective stakes are tall enough to be seen over the snow fall, when they are placed into the ground. Flags and reflective stakes can be purchased through your snow removal contractor, at your local hardware store, and through various online websites. Generally your contractor will supply these after going over the parking lot with you, but incase you’re unsure, doing it yourself before hiring a contractor for a last minute snow removal project is a great way to help ensure a great final result without a headache.

Coordinate With Tenants, Employees and/or Customers

While this is not always possible to do, coordinating with customers, tenants, or employees that regularly use the parking lot is a great way to help ensure adequate space for the snow removal process. While this isn’t a necessary step, it’s definitely very helpful when it’s possible to do. Having cars parked throughout various parking spaces throughout the parking lot can limit the versatility of machinery, plow trucks, and the reach of salt spreaders, resulting in more time needed to properly clear the parking lot. This will also help reduce the chance of any accidents due to vehicles in the parking lot. 

Parking lot with snow, before snow removal


While this is not an absolutely necessary step and not always plausible, it is a step that will help if it’s something you’re able to do. It will help with a better snow removal result and reduce the time and man power needed to clear your parking lot of snow.

Understand Your Agreement

When setting up an agreement with a local snow removal contractor there are usually many options available, depending on the contractor. There are seasonal contractors, per-push contracts, and one time, last minute agreements which are usually made when it’s already snowing and you don’t have a contractor ready to go to clear your parking lot of snow and/or ice. 

When setting up an agreement with a contractor, be sure to explain your needs and what’s important for your business. A contractor will usually ask these questions, but it’s important to be clear – as the needs of a 24 hour business will be different from a business that is only open 9-5, M-F. 

Hiring a Reputable Snow Removal Contractor

When you’re looking for a snow removal contractor to take care of your parking lot for the winter months, it’s important to hire a reputable company. A company that has been doing snow removal for a long time will usually have access to necessary equipment and more importantly, will have the experience to provide you with a professional service and result. In addition, it’s important that the company you hire has all of the proper licensing (if required) and more importantly, the proper insurance coverage for snow removal and de-icing. 


At C&C Super Seal we have the equipment and experience necessary to deliver a professional snow removal experience and result. Get in touch with one of our team members today to get a quote for parking lot snow removal.