There are three commonly used types of asphalt that each serve their own specific purpose. In this article we will explain the three types of asphalt and what they are commonly used for. Using the right type of asphalt for specific parts of your asphalt project can help your asphalt parking lot or road, last longer and save time and money.

Cold Mix Asphalt

Cold mix asphalt is generally used for quick patching of potholes that occur in your parking lot or on a roadway. Cold mix asphalt sets quickly and is a great way to temporarily patch a pothole for a year or two while reducing the downtime of the roadway or parking lot for drivers.

Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot mix asphalt is an asphalt mixture that is is poured at 300 – 350 degrees fahrenheight. Hot mix asphalt is stronger than cold mix and lasts longer. Hot mix asphalt is strong enough to be used on high traffic roadways, highways, parking lots, and more.

Warm Mix Asphalt

Warm mix asphalt is poured at 200 – 250 degrees fahrenheit and can be used to pave in lower temperatures as it is a much easier asphalt mix to handle when the temperatures are lower. Some of the benefits of warm asphalt mix in comparison to hot asphalt mix, are that warm asphalt mix requires less resources to make which can reduce costs and due the the pour temperature being lower than how asphalt mix, warm asphalt mix is easier to transport for longer distances.

Coarse Grade Asphalt Mix

Coarse grade asphalt mix is exactly as the name suggests. The stone within the asphalt mix is usually larger, creating more stone on stone contact for strength. This type of asphalt mix is typically used as a binder layer before asphalt with a finer grade material is paved on top of this base.