Why Additives Are Beneficial for the Sealcoating Contractor and the CustomerAsphalt pavements are long-lasting and attractive, but they require a little maintenance if they are to retain those properties. You may already know that periodic applications of a high-quality sealcoat can provide both cosmetic and protective benefits. However, you may not know that additives can provide benefits to you as well as your sealcoating contractor.

Why Additives Are Beneficial for the Sealcoating Contractor and the Customer

Why Would a Sealcoating Contractor Use an Additive?

By itself, asphalt sealcoating is a great product that can turn a faded pavement back to its original color, block the ultraviolet rays that can dry out asphalt binders, and help protect against leaked automotive fluids. Sealcoating, however, can be a tricky product to apply under certain circumstances. For example, if the temperature is too cool, the sealant will not cure properly or bond well to the pavement. An asphalt maintenance contractor might use an additive to compensate for marginal temperatures. Another example of a good use for an additive would be when you need to have your parking lot maintenance contractor apply two coats of sealant before applying your painted or thermoplastic striping and pavement markings. There is an additive that can be used to speed up the sealant’s drying time, allowing the contractor to complete all steps in less time.

How Many Additives Might a Sealcoating Contractor Use?

If you are asking how many additives may be used in the same batch of sealcoating, the answer is that most contractors will only use one additive per batch unless they obtain special permission from the sealant manufacturer. However, under special circumstances, it is possible for a skilled contractor to prepare two different sealant mixes that each incorporate a different additive. For example, the sealant on your main driveway may need an additive to improve its ability to withstand heavy traffic, or you might have an area that lies in dense shade, making an additive that accelerates curing desirable. On the other hand, you might want your contractor to incorporate an additive that makes your entire pavement even darker or that enhances its skid-resistant properties. There are numerous possibilities for additives.

When Should a Contractor Avoid Using Additives?

Additives need to be carefully selected and used thoughtfully. Reputable sealcoating contractors do not use additives just because they are available. Every additive must be selected to offer a specific benefit. This is one reason that you should only hire an expert to handle your asphalt sealcoating. When used injudiciously, additives can actually have a negative impact on the quality of the work.

Are Sealcoating Additives Expensive?

Although prices vary, most additives are very economical. Furthermore, the additional cost is typically more than offset by the benefit you receive. For example, if you are a retailer, getting your parking lot back into service faster can mean more sales. If you were unable to get your pavement sealed before temperatures begin to drop in the fall, the contractor’s ability to sealcoat it before the arrival of harsh winter weather could save you a substantial repair bill next spring. Your best option is to choose a reputable asphalt maintenance contractor who will be honest about the benefits you could gain from an additive so that you can weigh the advantages against the cost.

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